Connect Eye Exam

Connect Eye Exam

Introduction to Teleoptometry

Digital eye exams are changing the way we approach eye care in most recent times. These comprehensive eye exams use high quality, advanced technology to provide precise measurements and detailed images of your eyes. They are efficient, often faster, and are more comfortable for patients.

"All the staff were kind, welcoming and engaged. It was awesome not to have to do a standard dilation and wait to be able to drive home. Highly recommend this office." - Patient Experience in Office.

Our four offices have advanced technology for in-person exams, which is helpful for teleoptometry and accurate remote assessments. Our tele optometry services provide the same standard of care as our in-person comprehensive eye examinations.

How Tele Optometry Works

Our three offices, Bellingham, Vernon, and Middletown will provide teleoptometry services. You can either schedule through our website or give us a call at 978-208-2390. Once you arrive at our office, the eye care technician will lead you to pre-testing which includes:

  • Tonometry: Measuring the pressure inside your eyes to aid in assessing the risk for glaucoma. A machine will shoot a brief puff of air against your eye.

  • Retinal Imaging with Optomap: Our optomap takes a picture of the back of your eye using a fundus camera. This process does not require dilation drops. This allows your eye doctor to assess the health of your retina and optic nerve. These images screen for any eye diseases or complications such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and more.

  • Slit Lamp Examination: Detailed inspection of the eye structures. A painless procedure that plays a vital role in assessing eye health.

  • Visual Acuity Test: Tech will perform visual field screening, pupil testing.

With your eye doctor:

You will then connect with a remote eye doctor who will review any important information about your eyes. The eye doctor will finalize your prescription using information from your pre-testing. You will spend time with the eye doctor where you can bring up any additional questions you may have. Each step is crucial for identifying and addressing any eye health issues you may have.

After you see your technician and eye doctor, you can shop for a new pair of frames or contact lenses. Our stores are inside LensCrafters, so you can pick from a wide selection of top brand glasses and contact lenses.

Personalized eye care for all

Personalized eye care is about tailoring treatments and recommendations based on your unique needs. Your eye doctor can create a personalized care plan by knowing your medical history and lifestyle. Knowing patient information ensures that you receive the most effective treatments and advice, leading to better outcomes.

Advancements in technology have significantly enhanced the quality of eye care. Advanced technology like high-quality images and digital tools help doctors make better diagnoses and improve treatment results. These technologies ensure that eye exams are thorough and comprehensive, leaving no room for error.

Looking for a new way of getting your eyes checked? Schedule a teleoptometry eye exam by calling 978 208 2390 for our Bellingham, Middletown, or Vernon location.

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