Policies and Procedures

Appointments and No Shows

Appointment slots are limited. Missed appointments without notice are subject to a $75 one-time fee. Please let us know in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel so we may give your slot to someone else in need of an appointment.


All product returns must be submitted within 30 days of purchase. The product will not be accepted if it has been opened, damaged or has been written on. Returns qualify for store credit only and can be redeemed for future purchases. City Eye LLC reserves the right to reject any returns at its discretion.

​​​​​​​Coopervision will accept a return of 1 (one) opened box per eye. Customers must self submit reimbursement forms which can be found under coopervision patient satisfaction form. Credit will be issued within 6 weeks in the form of a visa gift card. For inquiries regarding the coopervision opened box returns please call 1-877-875-6043.

Prescription Checks

Customers experiencing inadequate vision or discomfort in either glasses or contact lens prescriptions are entitled to one no charge prescription check to re-evaluate for error. No charge checks must be completed within 60 (sixty) days from the customers comprehensive eye exam or within 60 (sixty) days of receiving their contact lens examination.

​​​​​​​Issues falling outside of the 60 (sixty) day window are required to complete another comprehensive eye examination. The comprehensive exam may be subject to out of pocket expenses if the customer does not have an available insurance benefit available. Customers experiencing prescription issues with a prescription written by an outside optometrist (not employed by City Eye LLC), are not entitled to no charge checks.

Contact Lens Fittings

Contact lens prescriptions are charged based on the complexity of the fitting. Generally insurance does not cover the cost of a contact lens prescription. When possible, customers will be provided with samples of contacts to ensure they find the brand and prescription to their liking. If after sampling a brand, the customer is unsatisfied with the prescription they may return for a refit at no charge to the customer provided it is within 60 days of the original fitting

Multifocal and monovision contact lenses are not designed to provide perfect vision at all distances. The doctor will work with the customer to find the lens that provides the best functional vision to fit the specific customer’s needs. The customer can return as many times as needed within 60 days to sample different lenses, however, if after all options have been exhausted the customer is still not satisfied with the vision, refunds will not be given.

Contact lens training classes are mandatory for customers who have never worn contacts in the past to ensure the customer is able to safely insert and remove the lenses. If the doctor identifies in the exam room that the customer is not able to insert or remove lenses properly without assistance the doctor reserves the right to not dispense contact lenses or release a contact lens prescription without the customer completing a training class. Fitting fees will not be refunded for these customers.

Retinal Imaging

City Eye LLC strongly recommends all customers receive digital retinal imaging at their comprehensive eye exam to screen for vision threatening eye disease. Digital retinal imaging is generally not covered by insurance plans and is a $39 out of pocket fee. Customers refusing retinal imaging may be required to have their eyes dilated.

Side effects of eye dilation include light sensitivity and blurred vision for up to 8 (eight) hours. City Eye LLC doctors reserve the right to refuse care to customers refusing both retinal imaging and eye dilation.

Prescription Expirations

All eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions expire within 1 year (12 months) from the date of the comprehensive eye exam, unless otherwise specified. City Eye LLC doctors reserve the right to shorten or lengthen a prescription at their discretion.

DMV Froms and Tint Waivers

DMV forms and tint waivers may be completed for no charge at the time of a comprehensive eye exam. DMV forms and/ or tint waivers requested within 90 days of comprehensive eye exam are subject to a $85 fee. DMV forms and/ or tint waivers requested outside of the 90 day window must complete another comprehensive eye exam.

The comprehensive exam may be subject to out of pocket expenses if the customer does not have an insurance benefit available. Customer is responsible for providing forms for the doctor to evaluate. City Eye LLC doctors reserve the right to reject or “fail” DMV and/ or tint waivers at their discretion. Refunds will not be given if a customer does not qualify for DMV form and/ or tint waiver.

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