Comprehensive Eye Exam in Middletown

Comprehensive Eye Exams in Middletown, Connecticut

Your next and best Eye Doctor is in Middletown, Connecticut!

Are you experiencing any vision loss? Are you looking for a new eye doctor? Or do you simply require a routine eye exam at the best eye care practice?

At City Eye Optometry, we bring in the top quality doctors to ensure your eye health is at its best. Routine eye exams are important at our office. Our comprehensive eye exams in Middletown, Connecticut provide more health information than a standard comprehensive dilated eye exam. This makes us unique and ultimately beneficial for your overall well-being.

Our eye exams check for health issues like diabetes, brain tumors, high blood pressure, macular degeneration, cataracts, and more. Our eye exams in Middletown, CT use advanced technology for accurate and efficient results.

Your comprehensive eye exam in Middletown, CT consists of:

1. Pre-Testing Vision Screening:

Pre-testing shouldn't take longer than 15 - 20 minutes! During pre-testing, we will check your eye pressure and you will go through retinal imaging. Retinal imaging will display the back of your eye where the eye doctor can see your overall eye health and test your optic nerve.

Our retinal imaging pre-testing does not require dilation. You can drive or do activities right after without any issues. After this step, you will follow the technician into the eye exam room.

In the eye exam room, the technician will continue your pre-testing. This part will include a vision check, the process of covering one eye at a time. We will check your pupil response and your ocular muscle movements. We will also check your ocular and medical history during this time.

2. Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

During your eye exam, your eye doctor will ask you to cover one eye. You will then read numbers, objects, and/or symbols far away and up close with instructions from your doctor. This will help your doctor determine which lenses are best and clearer for you. Ultimately, this process helps your doctor determine your prescription.

If required, your eye doctor will fit you in the best contact lenses chosen specifically for your eyes. We have different types of contact lenses personalized for each patient.

Your eye doctor will use a slit lamp to examine the anterior segment (front of your eye) ocular health. This will help the doctor identify any potential problems. The slit lamp allows for a detailed view of the front of your eye.

Next, your eye doctor will check the health of the back of your eye using the images taken during your initial pre-testing or screening. The back part of your eye will reveal serious health issues regarding your overall eye health.

3. Consultation

After your eye exam, your eye doctor will discuss any vision problems, eye conditions, eye diseases, or other ocular issues. Please bring up any questions or concerns you have about the doctor's findings or your eye health at this time. Your doctor will bring up any concerns that may be alarming and may schedule you for a follow-up.

4. Deciding Glasses or Contact Lenses

Your Middletown eye doctor will inform you if you are eligible for an annual supply of contact lenses. If you have troubles wearing contact lenses or it's your first time, we can also schedule you for contact lens training. Our annual supply of contact lenses comes with great benefits.

Afterwards, our partners at LensCrafters will direct you to test out various glasses frames that best suit you. LensCrafters will also provide sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, if needed.

Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam in Middletown, Connecticut.

We know there are many options on where to go for your eye exams in Connecticut. Come to City Eye Optometry for personalized eye exams that prioritize your overall eye health. Our eye doctors in Middletown Connecticut look forward to serving you thoroughly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about our eye exams in Middletown, CT, or want to schedule one, please contact us. You can call or text us at (860) 343-6016. Alternatively, you can click here to schedule an appointment.

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